Why does blackjack strategy work?

Many new blackjack players are surprised to learn that Blackjack free online isn’t worth trying to guess.  Decisions in this game should not be made spontaneously or under the influence of emotions.  This is what distinguishes blackjack from most gambling, in which the lucky chance takes pride of place.

Blackjack is a game that combines skills and luck equally.  Following an optimal strategy will provide the greatest chances of winning, and minimize losses from defeats.  Check out our blackjack strategy charts and find out how to play.

Most gambling cards do not have a basic game strategy.  Since the main strategy can exist only when your opponent is deprived of the ability to make spontaneous decisions regarding his hand.  For example, when you play poker, you cannot make this or that decision without taking into account the closed cards and cards of the opponent.

 Your opponent can make any decision and you will not be able to find out if he really has a strong hand.  Therefore, your strategic decisions will be based only on your assumptions.

 The basic blackjack strategy works because you are playing against the dealer.  The dealer always gets one card face down and must follow strict rules when to get a card and when to stop.  Thus, you can always figure out what the dealer will do in a given situation.

 Blackjack Strategy Development

 For many years there has been no blackjack strategy since the players simply tried to guess the next step of the opponent and used one of the possible moves.

Why does blackjack strategy work?

 That all changed when Las Vegas casinos changed the rules of blackjack in order to increase the popularity of the game.  And a game appeared in which only one dealer’s card was shown, and it became necessary to take a card under some circumstances and stop under others.

 These new rules made the dealer’s game predictable and, therefore, allowed the emergence and successful development of blackjack strategies.

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