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Queen of Hearts Deluxe is a card game which was launched by Novomatic. Queen of Hearts Deluxe Slot Machine Free is being loved and played by millions of players all over the world. The features it provides are very adaptive and understandable that a layman player can also easily play this game. You can get to know more about the game over various sites there you will get how much people love this game.

Upgraded version with more features                                                                                             

After good user response the new upgraded version has been launched which has better graphics inbuilt and it lets players make bet over 10 pay lines which is exception as generally bet made are 9. In most beneficial combinations in standard round can fetch the players with credits of 10,000. The special thing about this is a queen serves 8 to 20 spins for free.

This game has been upgraded with some improvements which are listed below:

  • The graphics have become even better from before.
  • Change in number of line
  • Various controls in the games have also been changed

New updates have made game even more attractive and luring to play it has grabbed better reviews from the players. They are enjoying it even more.

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Symbols to be used

It has 5 reels. In last version there were 9 pay lines which has now been incremented by one and changed to 10. There are buttons to circulate between pay lines also for making bets.

Each of the symbols has its respective coefficients. The symbols which are there in this game are listed below:

  • Heart
  • Yellow rose
  • Crown
  • Ring
  • K
  • Q
  • J
  • 10
  • 9

Out of these the most high capability is posses by heart which can make you win bets. If you get a heart symbol it is considered as wild symbol. It has power to replace all other symbols. Every symbol has some coefficient and heart in this game has highest coefficient value. Even a minimum bet of yours has potential to fetch you 10,000 credits. Other than heart if you select any other symbol then you can use castle, rose, crown and ring. They too have good potential to make you win the bet.

You can get Queen of Hearts Deluxe Slot Machine Free online. You will just love the experience of playing card games where winning possibilities are many with a lot of fun

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